These are the thoughts that go through my head...

1/10 - Looks like I won't be taking any classes this semester seeing as how I totally missed that classes started on Jan 6. I'll finally have some free time to create the chaos that I've been planning for so long......

1/02 - Okay if you are ever compelled to go to the Home Depot whatever you do don't tell them that you need an insulated ceiling panel because there is a Keebler Elf stuck behind your refrigerator. They just sit and stare at you, they are no help what so ever.

Well, I survived the holidays, my return home to the frozen tundra (Indiana), the airports and got some good Christmas booty in the process. I got The Two Towers video game (my precious.....) and the Geonosis Battle Arena. Can you beat that!

12/19 - Okay, that settles it, I want to be an elf (The Lord of the Rings kind, not the Keebler kind). If I were an elf I could weightlessly jump on running horse, show an arrow a second on my bow not missing a single target, slide done stairs on a shield to slaughter the orcs at the bottom. I would have so much fun. So, of course I went to see The Two Towers yesterday, needless to say it kicks butt! Must see it again.

On an entirely different note: They showed the trailer for Gangs of New York on TV yesterday. There's this one scene that shows the two gangs pouncing around then gathering into a group to stare each other down across a street. Does anyone else think they look like they're about ready to burst into song? It looks like a scene from "Newsies".

12/4 - Woohoo! Only 2 more weeks of school left! Taking two evening classes and working full time and freelance on the weekends has really taken up too much up of my time lately. I was starting to go a bit insane. Of course my partial insanity may have something to do with the high pitched noise my new refrigerator is making. At first I thought maybe one of those Keebler Elfs got smashed behind the fridge when they put it in. Turns out that is just what cheap Whirlpools sound like. That's what the official Whirlpool repairman told me anyway. Actually, I never looked at the refrigerator label, maybe the apartment complex got me a Whirlpole refrigerator by mistake.

11/15 - I finally got my new refrigerator today! I asked the apartment complex for one a year and a half ago and they just got around to getting me one. It was originally supposed to come last Saturday, but it never got delivered, so they rescheduled for today. They were going to come between 1 and 5 to deliver the fridge which worked out great. I could skip out of work to see Harry Potter and be at home just in time for them to come.

I raced home after the movie to find out that the fridge had already been delivered. Apparently they came at 10am and the apartment manager let them in. Oh well, looks like they managed everything fine on their own. Well, almost everything. Whoever hooked up the new fridge and transferred my food from the old to the new made one huge mistake. He actually put my butter in the butter tray! What madness! The butter tray is no place for butter! the butter tray is for the little packets of ketchup that you get from Mc Donald's, everybody knows that.

11/14 - What's this world coming to. Someone actually stole one of the security cameras at my apartment complex. It's pretty bad when you need hidden cameras watching the security cameras. I guess that's just part of life when you live between the freeway and the Circle K.

11/13 - I found this on the web, I don't know which site it came from so I don't know who to give the credit to, but all Apple or Star Wars fans will appreciate this. Anakin Switch Ad

11/7 - Oh my god ! The sky is falling! The sky is falling! That's right, there's large drops of water just falling out of the sky everywhere. It's time to batten down the hatches and stock up on food. We may get a half inch of rain today - that's a big deal in Southern California. We're officially on STORMWATCH 2002!!!!!! It's really funny because the "pouring rain" we are getting here would be called a light drizzle anywhere outside of So Cal.

11/4 - When I got home yesterday my whole apartment smelled strongly of natural gas. I called the "emergency service" line at the Gas Company to try to get someone, that's not me, to come out and poke around with a lighter to find out where the leak was coming from. The lady from the Gas Company was polite and said she will schedule someone to come out sometime between 8am and 8pm on Wednesday to see what they can find, if that is okay. Hmmmmm, it's Monday night now. I have enough gas leaking out of somewhere that after being in the apartment for only 30 minutes I am feeling light headed. Yes, please wait 2 days to send somebody, that way they will be just in time to find my charred corpse after the gas explosion.

She didn't find the situation as dire as I did and just said that it is natural to smell gas sometimes after I pilot light is turned on or off. That would be fine if I had turned a pilot light on or off in the last three months. It appears that Wednesday is the best they can do, so I hang up the phone.

By 10pm I was freezing because I had opened my window to air the place out, so I closed my windows for the night as they are conveniently waist level for any would be robbers in the night. At about 11pm my head was really spinning so it seemed like a good idea to grab a lighter and look for the leak myself. First I tried lighting the pilot light for my central wall heater, which had been shut off for the summer. I was repeatedly unsuccessful in getting that lite, so I figured that must not be where the leak is coming from anyway. I wondered into the kitchen and looked underneath the burners on the stove. I see two tiny little flames - okay no problem there. Then my eyes panned down to the oven - could it be?

I opened the oven door, BIG smell of gas. Now to zero in on the source, I opened up the broiler to see if anything looked suspicious. After pressing myself to the floor and shining a flashlight everywhere I finally found the where the pilot light was supposed to be lite. It took three attempts of lighting it before it would stay lite for more than a few seconds.

Whew...disaster averted and now I have a decent chance of living until the gas man comes on Wednesday.

10/28 - Some strange person called me yesterday. He said, "Is Stan there?". "No" I told him, "I think you have the wrong number." "So, Is Stan there?" he asked once again. "No, nobody named Stan has moved in since you asked two seconds ago" I replied. "Oh, are you sure?" he asked. "Yeah, I'm pretty sure" then I hung up. That pretty much sums up why I don't usually answer my phone.

Not wanting to hear the Stan seeker call again I decided to walk over to the mall. It's great living close enough to walk over to the mall. Usually on the weekends the mall gets really busy and you can watch people circle around the parking lot looking for spaces like vultures. Sometimes it's fun to walk around the parking lot pretending like I'm looking for my car. The vulture people start stocking you in their cars looking more and more pissed off as you keep walking further down the row of cars. Then when you get to the end of the lot (where there usually are empty spaces) the people speed off and race to the next row to stalk someone else just because they don't want to walk 100 feet to get to the mall.

10/24 - So taking 2 evening classes, working full time and doing freelance work on the weekends has been taking up quite a bit of my time lately (who would've figured). I'm already falling behind on my animation class. I decided to do an animation of a little girl who fights crime with her teddy bear. It's a lot more work than the lizard in the hamster ball I did last semester.

10/14 - I'm back at work now. Actually, I went back to work last Wednesday but I was really hopped up on cold pills. I vaguely remember going into work on Wednesday and then everything is a blur until waking up Saturday morning to watch Yu-Gi-Oh.

10/7 - The cretins at work have finally succeeded in making me sick (literally this time). I woke up with my head feeling like a watermelon about ready to bust and my throat feeling like I'd been eating bark. So I skipped out of work and school today and spent the day half awake drooling on my futon and watching Flesh and Blood (another fine Rutger Hauer film) on TV.

I managed to stumble out to check my mail in the afternoon and was pleased to find that my free (when you send in three proof of purchase seals) Lord of the Rings Fighting Uruk Hai figure has arrived. I promptly ripped him out of the package and discovered that they must of accidently sent me the hippie tree hugging Uruk Hai figure. Well, he surely can't be a fighting Uruk Hai because he didn't come with any kind of weapon. He also has a button on his back that moves his hand in a motion that looks like he's serving protein shakes to people.

10/1 - I have a new workout system that is guaranteed to get you in shape and help you lose weight. It's called "Movin' the Office". Step 1. Get up really early in the morning (4:30am recommended). Step 2. Carry computers weighting at least 25 pounds up two flights of stairs (because the elevators apparently get the weekend off even if you don't). Step 3. Repeat 30 times.

My legs are covered with bruises from the computers and boxes. I thought about applying for workers comp and claiming they abused me at work.

9/23 - What a crazy, crazy month. Sadly my new/used computer, Henry, seemed to have more problems then just a bad hard drive. While our short time together was memorable I decided to strip him down and trade him to the cretins at CompUSA for $500 towards the purchase of a new computer. So say goodbye to Henry and hello to Pinky! Together we will take over the world!!!

That's right, Pinky, with it's dual processors of fury, and I are planning our world domination. Our first step will be annexing new office space. We've decided that we can't properly plan our domination while sharing office space with inferior mortals.

Okay, maybe my whole company is moving on Friday. Our grand move will be about three blocks away, but at the new building I will have my very own office! I plan on putting an "Employees Only" sign up on my door to keep the other office riff raff out.

Game Boy

9/13- Just hand over the Game Boy and no one will get hurt!

The Greek government, in their infinite wisdom, have made all video games illegal in an attempt to stop illegal gambling. Apparently they can't tell the difference between Black Jack and Super Mario Bros.

9/3 - I believe that I am a member of a growing minority of people. A group of people that believe you should fully package and address items before you go to the post office to mail them. I was in a line of ten people and was the only one that felt it was necessary to actually have my box taped shut and addressed before I got up to the window. I think this is why postal employees go on shotting sprees.

There was a guy there who had filled out one of those "I'm moving, forward my mail" forms. He apparently wasn't too happy with the post office. The man, billy bob, had just moved out of his son's, also named billy bob, house and just could not understand why the post office couldn't tell the difference between their mail. The post lady looked like she was ready to pull out an uzi. 'Sir, you both have the same name just how are we supposed to know what mail stays and what mail is forwarded?" His response was that they should just know. I don't know what happened after that, I left before the possible bloodshed.

8/26 - I don't know how I managed to survive last week. The day before the spider incident the hard drive on my new used computer went belly up. The day after the spider incident I came home to find a jury duty summons in the mail - yippie.

Things are starting to look up this week. I talked to the guy that I bought the new used mac from and he is replacing the dead drive with a drive that is twice as big and is under warranty until May 2005. I just need to wait 9 days to get it shipped directly from Seagate. It's a 73Gig SCSI drive so I think I rename my computer Henry VIII since it's so big now.

8/21 - It's just of those days where everything sucks. Woke up to find out that I had no electricity. No electricity equals no morning shower plus I can't open the fridge to make lunch to take to work. So I shove a hat on my head and go off to work. While working diligently on the computer I notice a strange movement on the underside of the bill of my hat. A huge black spider is crawling mere inches from my head. Naturally, I freak out and throw the hat and the spider off my head. The spider lands on my keyboard and tries to wedge itself in my keyboard for safety. I squash the spider on the keyboard, thus screwing up what I was working on.

At lunch I head out to the art supply store where I am only able to find two of the six items I will be needing for my life drawing class tomorrow. Lunch at McDonald's was less than superb. I get back to work to find out that someone tried to inside a crappy little program on the Windows machine and completely screwed it up. So, I'll probably be spending half my day tomorrow reinstalling it and setting everything up again. I wish this day would end already.

8/16 - Got myself a new computer on Wednesday. Well, technically it's not a new computer, it's a new used computer - but it's new to me! It's a PowerMac G4 Server which I named Henry (it just seems like a Henry). I only name my macs, don't know why, it just seems like they should be named. So now, temporarily, I have three computers in my tiny apartment. Does this mean I'm now elevated to the status of super geek?

Once I'm done installing and setting up Henry I'll be selling my old G3, Ziffy. So Ziffy the B&W PowerMac G3 300mhz is looking for a good home if anybody wants to buy him.

8/5 - This weekend I went to Comic-Con in Sandy Eggo! Some of the more interesting costumes were two people dressed up as the Death Star and Han Solo in Carbonite. I spent most of my time there being blocked by Hobbit security. I tried three times to get Dominic Monaghan's (the Hobbit Meriadoc 'Merry' Brandybuck) autograph only to blocked by end of the line security bruts everytime. I did get to meet Stan Winston and Amber Benson. I also saw the Hulk, Lou Ferigno, who will only talk to you if you have $20 to buy his book, if you don't you better get out of his space quick!

7/30 - I was at the gas station this morning and a big white mini van pulled up in front of me. It had a big sticker on the back that said "Powered by Jesus." I told the driver that his van was powered by an internal combustion engine. I'm pretty sure that if it was powered by Jesus he shouldn't need to keep putting gas in it. I was going to tell him that I'm sure the little fish sticker didn't make his van amphibious either but I was too tired.

Sitting in front of the computer all day really takes all my energy. Then I get home and have lots of energy for no apparent reason. I fell like I could run and run and run. Not like Forest Gump run and run, I don't have time for that. But life ... is like a box of chocolates. A cheap, thoughtless, perfunctory gift that nobody ever asks for. Unreturnable, because all you get back is another box of chocolates. So, you're stuck with this undefinable whipped mint crap that you mindlessly wolf down when there's nothing else left to eat. Sure, once in a while, there's a peanut butter cup, or an english toffee, but they're gone too fast, and the taste is...fleeting. So you end up with nothing but broken bits filled with hardened jelly and teeth-shattering nuts. And if you're desperate enough to eat those, all you've got left is an empty box filled with useless brown paper wrappers. - x

I miss the X-Files, the way the X-Files used to be before season 6. Now, I'm stuck watching 180 channels of reruns, educational programming and crappy edited for tv movies. I woke up in a cold sweat just the other day. I dreamt I had bed head worse than Josh Hartnett and was stuck in a Michael Bay movie.

7/25 - I've been listening to Lazer Dance - Belgium's hottest dance music all day over the internet, because I can. They keep playing this band with high picked cheery little voices. I have no idea what they're singing about, but they sure are happy. I think they've been inhaling helium. I'm pretty sure I heard the words Circle K in one song. Maybe they're singing about knocking over a convenience store - those crazy Belgiums.

7/16 - Not much going on lately. Well, maybe there was that red carpet movie premiere I went to yesterday! That's right, I was at the premiere of K-19 The Widow Maker with Harrison and Liam last night. It took all my self control not to bring my Han Solo and Qui-Gon Jiin action figures with me.

I've never been to a movie premiere before, so this was quite an interesting experience. The stars started arriving at 6:30. Along with Harrison and Liam were: James Cromwell, Angela Bassett, Calista Flockhart, Dion Sanders and I bunch of other people from the movie I didn't know.

At 7:30 we all piled into the theater, grabbed the free popcorn and sodas and took our assigned seats. In retrospect they should have been giving out free shots of vodka as well, it would have made the movie a bit more enjoyable to watch. The started the movie late at 8:15ish and it ran for 2 hours. Two whole hours of my life I will never get back. The movie was a bit of a bore and for the life of me I do not know why they let Harrison do that something maybe Russian accent.

All in all the experience was good and I would gladly go to another movie premier.

7/5 - So, I watched the local fireworks here last night. The display was pretty cool. There were fireworks that were big smily faces, big hearts and stars and one that looked liked a giant tomato to me.
Of course anything beats the lame fireworks displays they used to do when I lived in Oregon. They used to set them off at the butte behind my apartment complex. I'm pretty sure that there were two guy named Jeb lighting them, then tossing them into the air because the fireworks only seemed to go about 10-15 feet into the air. Usually by the fourth firework the butte would catch on fire and start burning. They would try to set off about three more fireworks before the fire trucks made it up the now flame engulfed butte.

7/2 - Spent my birthday today at Disneyland, cause it's the happiest place on earth.

6/26 - My friends are trying to get me to go on Fear Factor. All I did was say that I would have no problem eating seemingly inedible objects for $50,000. For that amount of money the menu of things I would eat is wide open. Heck I'd even eat a Peep for that much.
Now I've never actually watched the show, just the promos for it. On one promo some guy had to jump from one speeding semi to another. The thing is, they had him all strapped up with safety harnesses, so there was no way he was going to fall and die. What's so scary about that? Are all the people and stunts on Fear Factor this lame? Cause if they are - sign me up!

6/21 - You know what's lacking in my life? A Game Boy Advance or a Play Station 2. I just don't feel that my life is complete without one. It's like missing a limb.

Too, bad I have no money. Anybody have a game system they aren't using?

It's my birthday soon...come on :-)

French Catacombs

6/14 - I see dead people.....

Got my pictures back from my France trip so I thought I would put one up. It's a side of Paris people don't often see. Apparently these catacombs run under most of Paris. The cemeteries got too full so they dug people up and moved them underground. Most people were moved between 1750-1829 so they've been there for a while. It was an interesting place to visit if you're not squeamish. It's a good thing I didn't see that "no pictures allowed" sign at the entrance :-)

Oh Well, I have survived my first week back at work. It's amazing how much work can build up when you are gone for two weeks. For those of you who have been waiting ever so patiently, I will finally put a new action figure theater strip up on Monday.

Peep Fan Club

6/10 - I'm back!

Travel Size Picard and myself had quite a bit of fun over the last two weeks in France. The crepes, the wine, the $3.00 cans of Diet Coke... Here's an important French travel tip: Stay away from Pepsi Max at all cost! Even if you haven't found a Diet Coke for two days and you're really desperate. You might think Pepsi Max sounds like a good idea if you need that caffeine pick up, but it is awful.

So...when I got back home and I checked my mail, I found the most terrifying thing imaginable. At first it looked like an innocent package, but then I opened it and found some sick and twisted individual signed me up for the Peeps fan club! It had a Peep shirt, Peep hat, Peep membership card, Peep Poster and a letter from the mayor of Peepsville. I am still in shock.....

5/24 - I'm leaving on a jet plane, don't know when I'll be back again....

I ran out of Grey Poupon Mustard so I'm heading to France. That's right it's vacation time! I'm leaving you all for two whole weeks (okay maybe I do know when I'll be back again). Keep your feet off the furniture while I'm gone and try to behave yourselves.

5/23 - I went to E3 yesterday. So many cool new games, so little money. I did get to play quite a few games while I was there, including my friend Matt's game The Mark of Kri. It's really cool, you should go buy it now :-)

5/20 - Stick a fork in it, the X-Files is done!

So, I'm guessing that Mulder was smoking something while he was hiding out there in the desert. Why else would he be so paranoid about telling Scully and other that the alien invasion will take place on Dec 22, 2012? Um...gee...we have a little bit of time to try to stop it, don't ya think. Should we also start calling him Fox "I see dead people" Mulder too? What's up with that?

Also, maybe I'm hallucinating, but didn't they show Kersch having a bump on the back of his neck in a previous episode? Thus implying that he was also and alien. And the whole Scully's baby thing I still don't understand. Why did the aliens want to witness the birth and then go on their happy way. Why exactly do the UFO cult people want him? Why is he now living with a new family in the country? What did Spinder "cure" him of?

Damn you Chris Carter.....

5/18 - Star Wars kicks butt!!!

I successfully avoided working a full day Thursday by sneezing a couple times then telling everybody I had dust mite poisoning and that I should go home and recoup. Got to the theater for the 12:30 showing. The showing was not sold out but there were still several die-hard fans there. I think everyone in the theater walked out happy. The movie was excellent. I've already seen it twice and plan to go again next week to see it in a theater with digital projection. May the Force be with you!

To check out my full review of the movie head on over to

5/15 - One more day! One more day! One more day! One more day! One more day!

Sound alert R2D2 and I have tickets and are ready. I'm getting really anxious now. Maybe I'll go home and watch the other four Star Wars movies to prepare for tomorrow.

5/13 - T minus 4 days and counting.......
I've got my ticket to see Star Wars: Attack of the Clones all ready to go. As it turns out I'll be feeling mysteriously ill on Thursday and will need to leave work early to spend a quite afternoon in the movie theater to recoup my strength. It's true, I'm starting to feel faint already.

5/6 - Should I start making "I survived the last season of the x-files" t-shirts? That text would be on the front and the back would have the "I want to believe" poster from Mulders office except it would say "Maybe it is just a weather balloon" under it.
Last nights X-files episode wasn't too bad. In fact, it would have been a great mid season episode. But let's face it as a third to the last episode of the series it was disappointing. Disappointing because Doggett's son's death has only really been a factor in two or three episodes out of the whole series. And I thought Reyes at one point said his son was killed by some "great evil". I don't buy Cary Elwes as a great evil, he's more like rat boys (Krychecks) slimy cousin.

4/29 - Okay, raise your hand if you're ready to beat up Chris Carter.

I am thankful that there are only 3 more episodes left of the X-files because watching them is becoming painful! Are we honestly to believe that Scully gave her child up for adoption?!? Like that would keep him safe. Oh yeah, I'm sure the government will never find him there. Then the whole Mulder/Spindler thing - in what universe do half brothers share the EXACT same DNA! I think even Matlock knows that can't happen.

And I thought we were supposed to be getting the answers to all those darn loose ends in the "mythology." If the answers turn out to be as lame as when we learned that Mulders sister wasn't actually abducted by aliens, she was really taken up to the sky by the star people I'll be at the front of the mob headed to Chris Carter house.

4/24 - Woohoo! I have new Star Wars Episode II action figures! I've got a belly baring Amidala, Ewan McGregor with a Beard, R2D2 with bugs and flashing eye, and a few others. What do you have?

4/16 - Ever been sitting in front of the computer for so long that you've found yourself so focused that you kind of drift into another hazed dimension. All the sounds around you become a muted symphony and the outside world ceases to exist. You are so focused that it takes ten minutes to realize that your vision is becoming blurred because you've forgotten to blink and your contacts have dried to become a jack stand keeping your eyes open. You are only briefly nudged back into reality after discovering that you've three empty Diet Coke cans on your desk and have not made it to the bathroom yet today.

4/15 - So are people lining up yet to see Jason X (Jason Lost and Found in Space)!?!? I don't know when it's coming out but I keep seeing previews for it in front of other films. It looks so bad and so cheesy I'm going to have to see it. I must admit that I've never seen Friday the 13th part 2-9 so I'm not rally sure I'll be able to fully appreciate Jason X.

4/10 - Aaaahhh..the joyous wonders of nature, the chirping birds, the springtime flowers. It all sounds so nice and wholesome until you walk out to your car after work and find ducks making with some duck loving right beside your car! I mark that in the category of things I did not need to see up close and personal.

4/5 - Geez..It's Friday already. Where did the week go? I've spent the week safely tucked away behind my computer working on the animation for my class, which ends in only 4 weeks..eek! It takes quite a bit of work to make a lizard travel around in a hamster ball. I took a brake from work to go get some food at Taco Bell. I ordered two soft tacos and asked for some hot sauce. They gave me 20 packets of hot sauce! I'm thinking 3 packets is the max you can put on your taco before it turns into a soggy mess.

3/26 - So, did everyone watch the Oscars? I was disappointed, but not surprised, that A Beautiful Mind won best picture and Opie won best director. Even if you put aside that the real Nash wasn't that great of a person, the movie itself just wasn't THAT great, in my opinion. The story didn't keep me riveted I didn't experience any epiphanies while watching the anticlimactic struggle of Russell Crowe trying to stay sane. The movie was just okay. I, of course, was rooting for The Lord of the Rings.

3/18 - If Star Wars doesn't come out soon my head's going to explode. The new trailer (*warning big file 28 megs)

3/13 - It's the time of year I dread the most. Every time I leave my house I have the eery feeling that I am being watched. I'm always double checking my rear view mirror to see if they're following me. I fear going into Target or the grocery store because I know they will be there waiting for me. Yes, that right - it's Peep Season.
I need to dupe someone into going to Target to buy some Robin Eggs for me. I would go in myself but somehow I just know the Peeps are hiding right beside them waiting for me.

Marbles the cat

3/11 - I have been house sitting since last week. House sitting is not as easy as it sounds. Take for example exhibit A - the fur ball that likes to sit outside my door and meow loudly at 5am. Let me in, let me out, feed me, sit down and pet me, if you forget to shut your door at night I will sneak in at 1am and walk on your head to get your attention. I am also without computer or action figures while I am there - hence the lack of a new AFT this week.

3/2 - I went to see Queen of the Damned today. I found out that the only thing it has in common with the Anne Rice novel is its name and if you have ever read the novel then you are one up on whoever wrote the screen play. The movie was quite cheesy and I bursted out laughing when Lestat starting hissing like a wet cat at some other vampires (none of whom, were important enough to have names). The movie climax at the concert was like watching a low budget goth version of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. The scene ending with the Queen bursting up through the bottom of the stage, in overly dramatic fashion, pulling Lestat to her and flying away. Everything after that was really dull, evil defeats eviler and drinking the last drop of blood of a dead person somehow turns another dead person into a marble statue. Just one question remains in my mind. Why can't someone do a good Anne Rice Vampire movie? And no don't even try to tell me that Interview with the Vampire was a good movie. Tom Cruise will never be Lestat. Interview was just an okay movie but, I did like the scene where brad Pitt eats the poodles.

2/26 - The winter Olympics are gone for another four years. Just enough time for me to get a job at Home Depot so I can be an Olympian in 2008. I haven't decided on what my chosen sport will be yet. I'm leaning towards short track speed skating. I'm pretty sure I can maintain a last place position long enough for everybody else to fall down allowing me to sail across the finish line in first place for a gold medal. If that doesn't work I can always sue the federation in hopes that I'll be awarded the "participation" gold medal that all the rage now a days.
And is it just me or is there something horribly wrong with people figure skating to Kiss music? Yes, I did watch the closing ceremonies and was wide awake when Donny and Marie Osmond came on. My eyes, my eyes......

2/20 - Busy, busy, busy...I finally figured out what I'm going to animate in my Animation Master class. I'm going to do the adventures of a lizard in a hamster ball. I always wanted to put a lizard in a hamster ball. I'm almost done modeling my lizard. the whole animation is going to have a bit of a cartoonish feel to it so it should be fun. Now let's hope that I have enough time in my animation class to finish it.

2/14 - Well, the bad new is I'm not a big lottery winner today. The good news is no one won. So, the California jackpot is now $170 million or so. I usually don't buy lottery tickets, but when the jackpot gets up so high I figure what the heck. I could buy a lot of action figures with $170 million.

2/11 - I have spent the last three days watching the Olympics. I only made it through half of the 4 hour long opening ceremony on Friday. Luckily my body has a built in defense mechanism that made me fall asleep before the Dixie Chicks came on. What I did manage to see of the opening ceremonies wasn't too bad. My one big complaint is that it was tape delayed. That didn't stop them from putting the little "live" decal at the top of the screen. I live in California, we are only one hour difference from Salt Lake why in the world can't we see anything live?

Oh yeah, I'd also like to thank NBC for editing out all competitors except the American (even if they did finish last) and whoever wins the top three medals. Seeing commercials for Olympic sponsors and hearing the ramblings of Bob Costos is so much better than actually seeing actual competitions at the Olympics

1/29 - I watched The Fast and the Furious last night. The movie was not too bad as far as car movies go, but on a personal level I am so disappointed now! I own a Honda Civic and I don't have any little buttons the pop out of my dashboard that I can push and go 150 mph. I think I bought the wrong model.
Speaking of car movies I watched The Wraith a couple of weeks ago. Maybe some of you have seen this fine film, maybe some of you are still drinking to forget that you've seen this fine film. Here's a synopsis for those that haven't had the pleasure:

The Wraith (1986) A small desert town has been harassed for months by a gang of drag racers, but so far no one has done anything to stop them. One day, a ghostly black car shows up, challenging members of the group to race, then killing them one by one. Neither the gang nor the police can catch the car or its driver, but some investigating into the gang's past may reveal just who's behind all this. Starring Charlie Sheen.

The movie is really cheesy even by 80's standards. But the funniest thing in the whole movie is one of the car chases near the end. It's supposed to be really dramatic, the cops are chasing one of the gang members in their cool car. The camera keeps switching between the cops and the gang member and the gang members speedometer. He is only going 65mph on I straight flat road in the middle of the desert. Wow, what a rebel! 65 mph! I go faster then that on the on ramp for the freeway.

1/22 - Several people have asked me how many action figures I have. Well, I have never actually counted them - let's just say I have a few :) And contrary to what you might think I do not have them everywhere in my apartment. My apartment is roughly the size of the Barbie Dream Home so I have to keep things quite organized. I try to keep them sparse near the entrance of my apartment so people can't tell I'm crazy right away. I also don't keep any action figures in the bathroom. Too much humidity. My kitchen, which is home to the action figure theater staging area, is generally overflowing with them. And I keep Silver Surfer in the butter tray in the refrigerator (It just seems to make sense).

Sir Ian McKellen

1/19 - That's Sir Ian McKellen to you! I ventured all the way to Book Soup in West Hollywood bright and early this morning to see Ian McKellen. I got there at 10:00am (the signing started at Noon) and the line was already around the block. Meet quite a few die hard LOTR fans in line and got interviewed for French TV. So if there is anyone from France is reading this Bonjour! and look for me on TV! After three hours of waiting I finally got to meet Sir Ian. He was very nice and a pleasure to talk to. It is increasingly rare to meet stars at these kind of events that are sociable and sincerely seem to enjoy meeting their fans. So, I am happy I got the chance to meet him. He autographed the LOTR Visual Companion and my X-men DVD for me.

1/16 - I'm taking an Animation Master class in the evening at the community college. I am only two weeks into the class and am already well on my way to becoming Animation Master of the Universe! We started making people models last class. There are supposed to be really simplistic models, however I decided to enhance mine a bit. I gave mine a butt that Sir Mix A Lot would be proud of! The guy beside me in the class must have been feeling a bit left out because he started to enhance his model too. His turned out a bit different than mine. He claims that he just made a mistake on his model but from where I was sitting it looked like he was trying to make his model anatomically correct.

1/11 - There's nothing that will ruin your day faster than going home for lunch and finding the annual rent increase taped on your door. Now, I feel the need to go around my apartment and find every little thing that wrong and make them fix it to justify the $40 more a month they want me to pay. $40 a month more wouldn't be so bad except that the Barbie Dream Home is bigger than the apartment I live in.

1/9 - So, I'm assuming most of you have heard about N*SYNC's small appearance in the next Star Wars movie. I think this is a great idea. I myself would be willing to pay more than $5.00 just to see the members of N*SYNC killed. I'm actually more willing to watch a movie when I know that someone I don't like dies in it. I watch "The War" every time it is on TV just so I can see Kevin Coster smashed by a boulder.

1/3 - It's so nice to be back in Southern California where with a windchill the temperature is a blistering 68 degrees....heehee. So, I saw Lord of the Rings during the break. Overall I liked the movie very much although it did end a bit abruptly. I would have happily sat in the theater for another five hours to see the whole story (as long as there was a short intermission every three hours). I probably would have been the only one left in the theater at that point, but oh well.

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